Is Farmville The New Haven For Black Hat Hackers?

Most people in a certain age bracket have been to Facebook.

If you have not been on there, then you would not know about some of the culture that happens on the service.

People like to use different applications while they are on Facebook.

The applications range from quizzes, to guessing contest and everything else in between.

One of the more popular applications on the service is one that is known as Farmville.

watch out for black hat hackers on Farmville

It is a game where people are able to tend their farms and socialize with people who are doing the same thing.

As with anything else that is popular online, once something starts to grow, it will attract the attention of both good and bad people.

Farmville is popular enough that it is starting to attract attention from the wrong kind of people.

In this article I will show you what to look out for when you are playing and learning about Farmville.

How The Farmville Game Works

The game of Farmville is really simple –  you have a farm and you have to make the farm successful.

You are able to do this by planting certain crops and making sure that they grow.

When they are grown you can sell them and start the process all over again.

This seemingly simple game is starting to get people hooked on it.

In fact, they are hooked so much by it that they actually go out and purchase manuals and other items that they can use to advance to higher levels in the game.

Some of the items that they purchase are even scripts that will allow you to cheat in the game and this is where the bad guys come in.

How The Bad Guys Affect The Play Of Farmville

The bad guys are able to affect the play of the game by either cheating in the game or selling the items that will allow other people to cheat.

However, cheating in the game may be the last problem that you have to worry about when it comes to hackers that have targeted Farmville.

In some of the cheat codes that they claim they offer there are Trojans that are implanted in them.

These Trojans can do many things to your system but the most likely scenario is that it turns your system into a zombie on a botnet.

This means that your system could be sending out spam, DDOS attacks, porn, and other items without you knowing about it.

The black hat hackers will also affect the game by placing links inside of it that they hope to trick people into clicking.

These rogue links have the same effect as the corrupted malware that I mentioned earlier.

Protecting Yourself On Farmville

When you play Farmville make sure that you are aware that there are people that are trying to game the system.

While playing Farmville might be fun and games at first, if you are not careful then someone might plant something on your system that you do not want.

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  1. ahahaha..I would say I am a blackhatter. We make money on farmville because it was so popular so selling an ebook or creating a group of a million members is easy.

  2. Well i dont play games in FB, i dont even use any of the apps available. Evidently Farmville is addictive, esp to older users. As much as i have warned friends an thier friends a lot are going all out with the game, even if they are still having issues with it. FB has said they will be tightning up on their app policy, they may have already started to, but i see no changes yet.
    Then they get hit with this ->

    I think they stil have a long way to go over at FB.

    • I don’t play games in FB either. In fact, I have done little more than set up an account. Sometimes I think I ought to but I really don’t have time.

      Hearing my parents and kids going on about Farmville all the time does little to encourage me – the game sounds rather boring to me but, hey, each to their own.

      I’ve heard that FB are tightening their security as well but have yet to see any meaningful changes announced.

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