Is Chrome’s Multi Thread Model Safer?

When the browser wars started to heat up again the only two real competitors were Internet Explorer and Firefox. Some people would count Opera as well but their market share was so small that they really do not get added into the discussion much. Yes, the two main competitors were FireFox and Internet Explorer but an unknown titan was about to enter the mix. The web site called Google came from nowhere and released their browser called Chrome to the public. It was released to a flurry of good reviews. One of the main features that people seemed to love about Chrome was the fact that you were using a multi threaded model instead of a single thread like the other browsers used.

Is The Multi Thread Model Safer?

What does multi thread mean?

When a computer program is multi threaded it means that several parts of the program have their own spot in memory. And while they will usually act in concert with one another, they can act individually as well. So for example in Chrome, each tab you make in the browser is really its own individual browser. At least that’s how you should visualize it. The technical aspect is a little more advanced but it helps people get the idea when they think about it this way. So each tab is its own browser and if anything in that tab crashes only it goes down and not the entire browser session. In other browser models, if one tab goes down then the entire browser goes down as well.

Is this model safer?

Some people seem to think that this model of browser execution is safer than a normal single threaded browser. And they might have a good point. If something bad is happening in one tab that could harm your computer you can just crash it. That whole process will die. With a single threaded browser, the malware process could possibly still be running in the background with only the infected tab closed. To be safe you would have to close the whole browser session. Yes, even though it is not by much, the multi threaded model of browser can be safer than the single threaded model.

Chrome is a great browser that you should try at least once. See if you are ready to step in the world of multi threaded browsers.

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