Is Christmas Just A Commercial Scam?

Christmas piety, or commercial success?

Which is more important to you this Christmas?



I may have a cynical opinion of Christmas within the framework of the modern societies that we live in.

I believe that the importance of this date is far more commercial in nature than religious.

In the UK, stores prepare for the busy Christmas period well in advance.

Some retailers are buying stock up to 2 years in advance, nevermind the fact that they put it in front of our noses ever earlier.

Where I live, you could buy everything you might possibly need for Christmas, except perishable foods, as early as the end of July.


Every Christmas is the same.

People rushing around, like headless chickens, buying the most expensive gifts they can afford for those they love.

Marketing executives certainly earn their salaries at this time of year!

Sure, a lot of gifts are genuinely wanted and well received.

Many are worth the prices paid for them.

But how much debt do people get themselves into, in order to appease the social obligations placed upon them by the media marketing machine?


Every Christmas is the same.

People rushing around, like headless chickens, buying the same old junk that they bought last year –

  • decorations
  • bows
  • Christmas trees
  • gift bags
  • slippers, for the uncle they hardly know

All over-priced.

All in your face.

All thrown away or discarded before New Year.



Because marketing methods are employed by big businesses who are intent on making a profit from the needs they create within us.

For retailers, Christmas is a huge boom time. They will ram it down your throat until it hurts, and they will aggressively encourage you to spend, spend, spend at every opportunity.

That’s just business.

Buying junk and being coerced into spending copious amounts of money at Christmas time is one big commercial scam.

Unfortunately, it’s a scam that we all willingly buy into, every year.

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  1. I couldn’t have summed it up better myself.
    Then again, I’m a part of the Most Hated group in the world: I’m an Atheist…


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