Is Apple’s Facetime A Security Problem?

New technology is a great thing for anyone who is into it. You get a really good feeling of being the first one to use a product and it feels great. This is especially true if the product is a good one. This is what happened the first time that many of the people out there used Facetime. Even though several aspects of the technology have been out for along time, Apple as they usually do, were able to put it together in a very well designed easy to use package.

Is Apple's Facetime A Security Problem?

But while brand new technology is fun to use it also means that you are in the very forefront when a security problem happens. The people who create the product can do all of the testing in the world but the item does not truly get tested until it reaches the field and real customers start to use the product. Once it is at that point then you really start to see if there are any problems with the device or not. Most likely there is but it really all depends on how serious it is.

For the most part, the actual software and hardware behind Facetime has not been a problem. It has been out for awhile now and no-one has had any problem with it. There have been no serious zero day bugs or any other type of malware associated with Facetime. The problem with the program comes from the same problem that you have with any other software of this type. When people start to get into video messaging they open themselves up to people who they really do not know and can be taken advantage of.

When you have video messaging software such as Facetime, you tend to get bored talking to the same people over and over again. There is a good chance that only a limited amount of your friends have the same software for you to be able to talk to them. So instead, you go looking for people to talk to. Bringing in people that you do not know to video chat with you can be dangerous because once you see the person you might reveal more about yourself than is necessary. This is especially true if you have met them on some type of dating platform. There are bad guys out there who will use this type of social media platform for attacks.

When you are using software such as Facetime and any other video meeting software, just be careful with who you are interacting with.

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