IOS Hacking And How It Can Both Help And Hurt You

Are you one of the people who have owned several types of cell phones in your life? Where there features that you liked about one that you did not like about the other? Did you have reasons to buy one brand over the other? Of course you did. All cell phones are not the same. And that goes double for all smart phones. When you have a smartphone you feel like you have paid for the best tech that is available. And when you feel that way, you want a phone that can deliver that same experience. That is why millions and millions of people around the world get IPhones. An IPhone can deliver to you a world class experience that you will not be mad that you paid for.


But there is a problem with the IPhone. Some people think that the phone is not only the best in the market but also that it is also indestructible. While they may know that the physical body of the phone can be hurt, they think that the software inside of the phone cannot be damaged. A lot of people believe this about all of the different types of Apple products and it is just not true. The IPhone can and has been hacked many times. And if you own an Iphone then you need to worry about this possibility as well. If you think that you will be immune to all of the security dangers out there just because you own an IPhone then you are mistaken big time. There are books out there that show white hat and black hat hackers how to operate inside of the IOS internals. And that is just the sort of stepping stone that you need to be able to do interesting things with the IPhone.

The good of IOS hacking

But the fact that the IPhone can be hacked does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. There are some good points to the vulnerable aspects of the phone as well. First of all, Apple has a tendency to really lock down their products. When it comes to be able to customize the item, there is not much that you can do. With a hacked IPhone that is not the case. When you are able to root your phone, you gain the ability to do so much with it. A lot of people take the time and the opportunity to add a lot of different aspects to their phone when they root it. They could not do that unless the phone was able to be penetrated.

The bad when it comes to IOS hacking

While we have shown one aspect of the good side of the IOS operating system having vulnerabilities, there are unfortunately a lot more bad sides to this. For example, your phone is not as safe as you thought it was. You cannot live in a veil of surprise when you find out that there is malware out there for the IPhone and the IPad. While you do have the strong point of the iTunes store, it does not protect against all of the different malware that you can encounter. This is especially true when the malware is web based. If you access the online world through either an app or the browser on your phone then everything is up for grabs. Anything can be introduced to your phone in that manner. Also, if you do try to root your iPhone or IPad, you again are susceptible to a lot of the different malware out there when it comes to rogue apps on non Apple markets.

There are both positives and negatives when it comes to IOS hacking. Either way, just make sure that you are careful.

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