Don’t Put Your Life Savings Into The Investor Scam

Finding someone to invest in your ideas in this day and age isn’t easy.

You develop a new idea, a unique plan or a superb niche which you think could earn you a good income, but you don’t have the money to put it into fruition.

the investor scam

the investor scam

So what do you do?

You look for people, who are willing to invest in your idea.

You should remember though, that there are many scammers lurking out there on the internet.

Therefore, be very careful before disclosing your plans to anybody, especially someone whom you have just met on the internet.


Something that fraudsters have begun doing is visiting forums, communities, and announcement boards, and posting that they have cash waiting to invest in new products or ideas.

The victim thinks his luck is in, gets talking to the scammer and reveals all his plans in the process (scam artists are very good listeners after all!).

Afterwards, the scammer disappears and never returns, leaving the victim thinking that maybe their idea wasn’t as attractive as they first thought.

On the contrary, however, the scammer WAS interested.

‘Investor’ Turns Copycat

So much so that he has extracted all the information required to go and implement the plan himself without the need to partner with the victim at all.

If you are looking for an investor the best plan is to give them as few details as possible at first until you are sure you can fully trust them.

Even then, ensure you have genuine contact details for them, not just free email accounts and mobile phone numbers.

It may even be worth getting them to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before divulging the best parts of your plans in order to retain your usefulness in the bargain.

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