The Inventor/Patent Scam

Being an inventor is a hazardous career.

There are costs involved – time is always an issue and, often, so is financial funding, both in terms of creation and testing and also in marketing.



For anyone who has ever invented something new, the risk of having someone else steal or patent the idea or design is huge.

This can lead to large financial gains for the thief whilst the inventor does not receive a penny for their efforts.

Due to this risk, many firms have sprung up, offering their services in evaluating new designs and offering patenting services.

Many of these are quite genuine and serve to protect the interests of inventors.

However, there are a good few who are out to make dishonest money from someone else’s efforts too.


One such scheme involves praising up a victims invention, regardless of it’s actual merits.

By preying on the inventor’s fears of being ripped off, the scammer cons them into paying for an appraisal.

Of course this appraisal is most favourable, and the need to licence the invention is portrayed as being both extremely urgent and critical.

After payment has been received the company operating the scam then proceeds to advise their victim that a more detailed evaluation is also required.

This natuarally costs more money!

This secondary evaluation will undoubtedly highlight the need to quickly licence the invention… again, at a cost.

Once as much money as possible has been extracted from the inventor, the scammer will disappear!


There are many firms offering such services, both on television and in paper based publications.

Be on your guard, and research them thoroughly, before parting with your cash.

Better still, use a lawyer who specialises in patent law.

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