InfosecCynic Plan London Security Conference

Yesterday I was talking about Security Conferences and how you should try to attend at least one this year.

Shortly afterwards my friend kakroo let me know that there was a strong possibility of such an event being run by infoseccynic in London this year.

The proposed details are below –

Infosec Cynic was founded in 2008 by Quantainia, a management consultancy company specialising in the field of information security.

The proposed show will take the form of 4 x 2 hour sessions ran back to back through out an entire day. Each session will be a mix of interviews and a chaired panel Q&A that will explore the unbelievable, shocking or just plain weird world of security, focusing on giving the audience the real story behind the statistics and articles that are currently in the press and on the web.

We’re aiming to attract around 40 people to each session as this should give us the correct mix of energy and views in the room, whilst maintaining the idea that they are part of something very special and exclusive. For these sessions to be as impressive and slick as they deserve to be we would like to offer some additional media support in the form of short video clips to introduce each new topic as well as opening and closing the show.

The panel comprising of 3 or 4 experts will be crucial to setting the tone of the event and for securing a high level of attendance. Between them they’ll need to cover a wide gamut of positions in the security sector and if possible be well known characters within the industry. The idea is to create a free forum for some very fiery debates.

Apart from putting on the show with a view to recording several episodes, we also have the chance to run a B crew and collect comments and material from the audience. Infosec Cynic offers the opportunity to target a specific relatively untapped niche market of security professionals who have the ability to influence budgets and make decisions on product and service investments.


If you have any interest in attending then you can contact kakroo or infoseccynic via twitter by clicking on the links to them at the beginning of this post.

Better yet, please do contact them if you are a security vendor/professional who can lend any assistance via sponsorship of the event itself.


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