Indonesia: Government Cyber Attacks Are Coming From China, Russia, America And Korea

Tifatul Sembiring, Indonesian Minister of Communications and Information has said that most cyber attacks aimed at the country’s infrastructure are coming from the usual suspects – the China, Russia, the US and Korea.


Claiming over 36 million hacker attacks against his nation, he actually saw some positives in that it served as a constant reminder that websites had weaknesses and cyber security constantly needs to be improved upon.

As for the most dangerous type of attacks experienced he said,

“Hacker most dangerous, he said, are those who are intent on doing evil to steal information and then sell it.”
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Like many other countries of the world in this age the prospect of government websites being targeted is nothing new to Indonesia – hacktivist group Anonymous Indonesia targeted more than a dozen government sites back in January –

“Hackers have defaced more than 12 government websites in Indonesia following the arrest of an alleged hacker in East Java this month. Analysts say weak security and strong solidarity among underground hacker networks is at the heart of the problem.”
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