In The World Of Online Crime, The Drive By Method Is Most Effective

Everything that you do in this world, if you are to have some kind of success, involves hard work and planning. The average person has the misconception that people who do crime are able to wake up in the morning, do a crime, and then receive a lot of money. This may be true for criminals that make a little bit of money in their endeavors but for the criminals that hope to be able to commit the big score, it takes lots of hard work and careful planning. This is the same reality when it comes to online crime.

In The World Of Online Crime, The Drive By Method Is Most Effective

Viruses And Trojans

Virus authors have to be very creative when they create a new infection. They also have to be creative when it comes to delivery. Let’s talk about one of those creative methods.

One of the best and most creative methods that are available to malware authors today is to create a Trojan package that is able to upload and install on your computer without the victim having to do anything.

Usually when a person gets an infection on their computer they must be part of the process to cause the damage. This is usually done by tricking the person to do some sort of activity. This activity usually involves them installing a program on their computer that is not what it pretends to be. It then starts to take shape and does it’s damage. Most of the time the damage is done behind the scenes and unnoticed by the user. Some advanced virus and Trojan writers have found a way to be able to leave you out of the process and upload the infection on its own.

Well to be honest you are not completely out of the process. For this attack to work, they will usually need you to go to a web site that will deliver the attack. Once they trick you into going to the web site then your involvement is no longer needed. There is a method of doing this, that is making the rounds among virus authors now.


It involves having you go to a web site with what is called an IFrame embedded in it. An IFrame is the ability of web page to display another web page on the same screen. This IFrame is then pointed to page where they use a corrupted PDF file to deliver the payload. Once the payload is delivered it is able to execute and infect your computer. This is why it is called the drive by method. It requires you to only pass through to the web site and with no other activity needed. You are then infected.

This is not an easy to attack to create so it is not as propagated through the Internet as other attacks would be. As you can see the drive by method of delivering a virus or Trojan can be very effective in its execution. This is why you must be very careful when you go to visit a web site. There are attacks such as these that can be performed and cause you to have a very bad day.

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