I’m Not The Role Model You’ve Been Looking For

Hopefully that subtle use of the Force worked but, if it didn’t, do read on…


So, you’re looking to work in infosec but things aren’t panning out how you would like. I know how that feels.

And now, after receiving several hundred emails this week, I know that there are many other people out there who are also in the exact same situation. I share your frustration.

Amongst other things, several of you took the time to message me about how you can empathise with my situation and how you too are considering throwing the towel in. But thats very naughty of you because I’m now compelled to write one more post than I intended to in order to tell you not to be so stupid.

You see I did come close to achieving my goal and, judging by the activity in my inbox, may still have a chance of doing so.

And thats despite the fact that I work in retail, have no information security work experience, no appropriate qualifications and no certifications. I am also a chronic introvert which is something of a drawback when it comes to networking!

So those of you who are emailing saying how you have worked in IT for years, have Security+, CISM, CISSP or an MSc in Information Security really do need to take stock – you have a huge, huge advantage over me – so please don’t give up on your own dreams.

Remember, we are in the midst of a recession so finding that job you crave isn’t going to be easy at all, but it isn’t impossible and, according to at least some reports, information security is an industry that is still very much a growing market.

So don’t follow my example of giving up.

Be different.

Go get that infosec job you want so badly.

photo: Kenny Louie

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