A Gigolo’s Guide To Holiday Romance Scams

The concept of the Gigolo is nothing new.

Charming men who let women pay for their attention have been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Typically, gigolos are found with older women who are quite often well aware of what they are after and are happy to pay for that attention in many different ways.

The holiday gigolo can be found in many a resort but they are most often seen in Caribbean resorts.

This may be because of low pay and high unemployment in those locations.



Typically, these liaisons begin with a single woman visiting a resort.

Whilst lounging at the hotel she will be approached by a young local man.

Such meetings are so common that the security guards will not intervene, or the local man will in fact be a worker at the hotel looking for a few perks to his job.

The propagation of gigolos in many resorts is officially frowned upon.

However, it is also a big part of the tourism industry in some locations and so goes largely unchecked.

In many cases the woman’s time with the gigolo will be a business arrangement – she will pay for everything, lavishing him with gifts and money, in return for the thrill and excitement of a holiday romance with a younger man.

However, the reason I have listed this as a scam is because the gigolo is a natural charmer.

He has to be, it’s his job.

He will use all the tricks known to man to get inside the woman’s head and affections.

When she has formed an emotional attachment he will use this to his advantage – there have been many reports in the media about women continuing to send gigolos money after they have gone home, planning future trips, and even bringing the men to their homes as their husbands.

Of course the problem is that most of these men see what they are doing as a job, or way out of the otherwise poor lifestyle they have.

Sure, there are probably some such holiday romances that end happily ever after, but I would imagine far more end in tears.


So how does a woman avoid getting herself into this kind of situation whilst on vacation?

The obvious answer would be to not get involved with the gigolos in the first place but the truth is that many women are purposefully looking for them, only to become more involved than they ever bargained for.

With that in mind, the following tips may come in handy –

  • Don’t believe anything they tell you – you are paying them to be charming and everything you desire and they are good at their jobs. The lines they use have been tried and tested on hundreds of tourists before you and will be repeated for years after you leave
  • Do not become emotionally involved. In the vast majority of instances they see you as nothing more than a meal ticket for a fortnight
  • Remember to play safe – these men are with a different woman at least every couple of weeks.
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