I’m A Hacker… Get Me Out Of Here!

What have you got to do to get yourself jailed in the UK these days huh?

Recently I’ve known of someone who racially abused a female police officer and for that he received a fine of £50. A friend of a friend got caught growing what I can only describe as a forest of cannabis plants (hes not my mate so don’t ask for any deals!) in his house. Instead of perfecting his ‘picking the soap off the floor’ technique he, instead, got sentenced to a few hours of painting fences for the local community.

Now Anonymous hacker Jake Birchall has been spared jail because he is ‘troubled’. Bless him, poor little boy.


The British teenager, 18, but only 16 at the time the offences were committed, was found guilty of attacking PayPal and other large corporations as part of an Anonymous campaign.

But according to the judge at Southwark Crown Court, Peter Testar,

“I have to sentence you with the fact that you were under 18 when convicted in mind.. There’s a statement of special needs in your case. You have met the diagnosed criteria for certain conditions.”

He also described Birchall as being ‘profoundly isolated’ as he sentenced him to an 18 month youth rehabilitation order and 60 hours of community work for an attack which allegedly cost PayPal some £3.5 million.

Last week two of Birchall’s alleged accomplices were found to be not nearly troubled enough as Christopher Weatherhead got banged up for 18 months and Ashley Rhodes received a supsended sentence of the same duration.

photo: zigazou76

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