Illuminating The American Presidency Scam

Politics in America is such that, in general terms, there are always debates and conflicts between those that are ‘liberal’ and those that are ‘conservative’.

You may believe that each group, and each individual politician, has their own purposes and agendas to follow.

There are some people, however, who feel that such political labelling is totally irrelevant because they believe that politics is merely a smokescreen to hide a bigger picture, one in which politicians are mere pawns in a much larger game.

These people, commonly referred to as ‘conspiracy theorists’, believe a much larger, hidden power lurks behind the world’s politicians, using them to further their own agenda.

I myself am not someone who buys into every conspiracy theory out there.

I enjoy reading what people have to say about unexplained or suspicious world events, I can even believe some parts of what they say, but I’m certainly not paranoid enough to believe everything I read.

Back to the topic in hand, here is a post from a conspiracy theorist’s point of view which would cast some doubts over the US Presidential election system, to the point of suggesting that such elections are a total illusion.


If elections are an illusion, then why have them?

It could be argued that having elections allows the electorate to sit in their comfort zones, safely believing that they live in a democracy.

Faux elections, therefore, serve a two-pronged purpose – distraction and disinformation.

Those behind the conspiracy, if one does actually exist, are able to distract the people by creating endless political divisions over which they can fight until the end of time.

Whilst everyone focuses their time and energy on these reported issues they will never even stop to think that the real leaders of their country may be hiding behind their elected stooges.

The ‘invisible’ leadership of America, maybe even the majority of the world, is believed to either contain a secret society known as the illuminati, or to be collectively known as such.

Those of a conspiratorial mind believe that these ‘illuminated beings’ directly finance opposing groups, both in politics and even in wars.

‘There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican parties.’

George Wallace (former Presidential candidate).

They have endless patience and achieve their desired outcomes by creating division wherever they see unity, slowly eating away at anyone, and anything, that may stand against them, either now or in the future.


The conspiracy theorists believe that important all political decisions in America are not really decided by fairly elected politicians or Presidents.

Instead, they believe that there is a covert group of secret societies that influence, well, just about everything that occurs in everyones’ lives.

Typically, the following organisations are quoted as being part of a secret and global cabal of evil –

  • The Illuminati
  • The Bilderberg Group
  • The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
  • The Trilateral Commission
  • The FreeMasons

Furthermore, I have seen a great many blogs and websites that then link this to the Presidency by suggesting that many recent Presidents have been 33rd degree FreeMasons.

Shockingly, and I’ll look for some links later, I have also seen it suggested that this linkage has gone back all the way to the first President, George Washington.

There are also suggestions that all, or most, of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were high ranking members of the Freemasons and/or Illuminati.

Also of interest are claims that Kennedy was assassinated due to his loathing of secret societies and the fact that he may have been one of a tiny minority of Presidents who weren’t involved in Freemasonry.

Believers therefore hypothesise that virtually all American Presidents have been mere puppets whose strings have been pulled by men far more influential than themselves.

The Illuminati arn’t Democrats or Republicans and they don’t care what the American people, President or Senate want.

They seek only to serve their own interests of wealth and the power that goes with it.


Perhaps the political battles you see waged between the Republicans and Democrats everyday are totally meaningless then?

A grand illusion, designed by the secret cabal in order to hide the truth?

It doesn’t sound at all likely I know but then how much time and thought do people invest or waste into thinking about the ills of the world, proportioning blame for everything that is wrong, and arguing how the ‘other party’ would have done things differently and better?

Certainly enough that they have little time to even ponder the possibility that there are unseen forces behind all the major happenings in the world I don’t doubt.

If you were secretly controlling major world events how easy would it be to employ a few shills in order to distract the world with meaningless political debate and argument?

Let’s face it – in the US as well as here in the UK we are supposed to have a democracy.

How often do the politicians you have elected make decisions that are universally hated?

Do they really serve your best interests, or do they make decisions that seem strange and only seem to benefit the elite minority?

Do they engage in wars and other conflicts based upon the flimsiest of evidence?


Have you ever been disillusioned with politics, only to have someone say that ‘all politicians are the same’?

Maybe they’re right!

What if, in reality, there was no meanigful difference between the Democrats and the Republicans?

Stop and think for a minute.

If John Kerry had beaten George W Bush in the last election would things be any different?

Assuming both are controlled by the same forces then that would seem highly unlikely wouldn’t it?

Conspiracy theorists believe that both have the same paymasters, meaning that both would have fulfilled the same obligations, albeit with a different personal style in order to keep the supposed differences between their parties intact.

Then again, maybe it was a forgone conclusion that Bush would win the Presidency, regardless of Kerry’s popularity or lack thereof?


There are still several countries in the world, who are supposedly offering democratic elections, where vote rigging is a perpetual concern.

Even in the US a few years ago there was an issue with Florida’s count that gave the Presidency to Bush instead of Al Gore.

Is it believable that such a fiasco could happen in America, land of the free?

Perhaps you would like to keep up with technology then?

By utilising the power of the internet you can make it much easier for your elections to be rigged votes to be counted in a completely fair manner?

By perpetuating the vision of democratic elections the cabal manage to keep the division in politics, thus distracting the populace sufficiently that they never even ponder that there are unseen forces behind everything that goes on in their lives.

If you knew what a sham the elections were would you not start asking questions about who and what the real powers in your country are?

Of course you would, and that in itself would undermine that power.

The cabal doesn’t want that.

They need to remain hidden a while longer, until they have undermined your national identity even more, gotten you to the point where you lose faith in your country and your leaders.

When America becomes ashamed to be American they’ll welcome a new type of government, one that is a perfect fit for the whole world.

Forget Obama, the anti-christ doesn’t just want America.


Of course American people, like those of every other country in the world, are too blind to see the truth.

And too lazy to react even if they did.

If the government ceases to represent the people then the Constitution gives the people of the US the right, the power and the obligation to usurp that government and to replace it with a new one that properly defends their rights and beliefs.

Like that’s ever gonna happen!

The hidden puppet masters certainly don’t want that to happen – money, freedom and self-governance for the masses would be a complete catastrophe for them.

The truth would set the people free but the cabal needs a global economy full of slaves.

They ARE the matrix, and Neo isn’t coming.

They restrict your freedom, give you just enough money to survive and occupy your mind with their lies.

This perfect strategy ensures your life-long compliance and servitude to their cause.

Division is everywhere.

If there is no division, they create it.

Politics, war, oil shortages and even global warming are just diversionary tools to keep people as far from the truth as possible.


War, from the Napoleonic wars through to the toppling of Saddam Hussein have always been the ultimate distraction and cure.

If you don’t play ball with the global plan then it’s a safe bet that trouble and strive will visit you soon enough.

Funding both sides, the cabal ensure they profit from the misery they create whilst deposing any opposition at the same time.

Propoganda, through the media they control, ensures that they get cheered every step of the way too.

It’s a brilliant strategy.

So, next time you go to choose a President, ask yourself – ‘does my vote count for anything’?


Could there be any truth to what I have written?

Are people who believe this stuff deluded?

Am I stupid for even entertaining their thoughts?

What do you think?

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