If Your Employee Jailbreaks Their iPhone Should They Be Allowed To Use The Work Network?

In the past when you would talk about a smartphone being allowed on a network there were only a few phones that would pass the muster. The main phone that would be allowed on business networks around the world was the Blackberry. These phones were known for their security and they would allow the network administrator to feel as if they could trust them. It is for that very reason why one of the few places that you still see Blackberries at is in the business world. While they are not as powerful as other phones on the market a lot of business people know them and they feel as if they are reliable.


But these days what you see in both business and casual use is the IPhone and the Android based phones out there. These are the phones which most of the people are going for these days and it is easy to see why. The phones are fun to use and they allow you to do many things on them. They allow you to watch video, play many fun games, and also do work in many different types of industry. There is a very good reason why people love these phones so much. But when it comes to the IPhone, for some people, it seems as if you do not have the same freedom as you do with the Android phones out on the market. While you may have more freedom than you do on the Blackberry, it is still not as much as you have on the Androids out there. To a lot of people who own smartphones, the freedom and the ability to stretch the phones to the top of its capabilities is very important. And that is why a lot of IPhone users like to Jailbreak their device.

What does it mean to jailbreak the device?

When we talking about jailbreaking the IPhone, what we are talking about is allowing the phone to have root capability. That means that you can install whatever you want on the phone and it does not have to come from the iTunes store. There are a lot of third party app stores just for jailbroken IPhones. But it is not only the ability to use any app that you want that makes jailbreaking the IPhone so fun. In the past and even in the present people use the jailbreaking technique so that they are able to take their IPhone to any cell phone provider and use it there. In the past when it was only AT&T dealing with IPhones this was very important.

But with a jailbroken IPhone, how can it be considered safe? When the user has root access that means that anything can be on the IPhone. And so now you have the question of should you let a smartphone like this run loose on your network. And the answer is not if you can help it. It is probably hard to determine what is a normal IPhone and what is a rooted IPhone. But if you find out that an IPhone has been jailbroken then it is a good idea to not let that phone on your network. You do not know what is on there and how it can affect the integrity of your network.

Most of the time, an IPhone is a very safe device. But if it has been jailbroken then it is better to be safe than sorry.

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