If Your Computer Becomes Infected With Malware On A Web Site Then Who Is To Blame?

The world of the internet can be a dangerous place.

You can visit a web site a thousand times and it will be completely safe and then the next time a single page view can lead to disaster.

If someone has penetrated it and messed with the code then you can be in for a world of hurt.

Black hat hackers are able to sneak their wares onto an unsuspecting web site in a hundred different ways so it might not be entirely fair to blame a web site that takes pretty good security measures to ensure a quality visiting experience for their visitors.

But in cases where the owners don’t care about security and it is very relaxed then you might want to look at those types of owners and blame them.

This is especially true if you use a credit card or Paypal to purchase services on the web site.

So when it comes to who to blame when your computer becomes infected there are several factors that you must look at.

who are you going to blame when you pick up malware from a website?

who are you going to blame when you pick up malware from a website?

Should You Blame Yourself?

The first person that you should look at is yourself.

Were you surfing the internet with an antivirus program turned on?

Did you go and visit a web site that can be considered sketchy at best?

These are all questions that you should be honest when asking yourself.

There are so many ways to protect yourself from an infection when you are online but people still will not do what is necessary to protect their computers.

If you do not do what is necessary to protect your system then an infection is bound to happen and the web site should be the last place that you blame.

Should You Blame The Web Site?

But if you do keep yourself relatively secure, then the web site should be the first place that you take a look at.

The first thing that you want to do is to look up in Google and see how many instances of security breaches this web site has.

Almost every web site will be compromised in some way in their lifetime.

The best that the webmaster behind the site can do is to try to take the steps that are needed in order to prevent that from happening but if they are being breached on a fairly regular basis, then that means they are not doing their jobs.

It means that someone on their end is not taking the necessary steps to keep their customers data safe.

If that is the case then the web site could be considered liable.

When a web site holds someone’s important data in their database they must guarantee at least to have a certain level of security.

If they are not able to meet that standard then that means they are liable for what happens but if they are able to comply with the security standards and they are still infiltrated then no-one is considered at fault.

Security failures happen, both on home and work networks, but if the company gives a good faith effort to keep your data safe, then there is not much blame to go around.

Of course you could always minimise the risk even more by reading your favourite web sites in an RSS reader.

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