If You Use Social Bookmarking Sites Do You Need To Worry About Hackers?

If you are a person who is active on the internet then there is a good chance that you know what the title of the article means when it says social bookmarking web site. But there are a lot of people out there who do not know what it means and can easily fall victim to some of the bad portions of sites such as this. Even a lot of the people who actively use sites such as this do not know that they are called by this name.

So just in case you are not aware of what a social bookmarking web site is I will explain it before I go any further into this article.

If You Use Social Bookmarking Sites Do You Need To Worry About Hackers?

So what is a Social Bookmarking web site?

A social bookmarking web site is one that allows you to store a collection of links in a community setting. While there are a lot of web sites that can fit this description if you really look, for the most part we are talking about a certain type of web site. For most of the web sites of this nature that we are talking about the main purpose for them is for you to submit links and then expose them to the crowd. People can go into your past profile and see what kind of links you have submitted. While they are there, they can use a button on the site, which most of them have, and make you a friend or someone to watch. From there they get notified every time you share a link with the community. If you decide to reciprocate the friend status then you will get a notification every time they share a link as well.

The point of building a friendship base of people who links that you like is that soon you will build enough friends that when you log into the web site in the morning you will see a front page full of stories that you are interested in. Pretty soon you will go to that web site to get your news first.

There are a couple of web sites who fit under this bill. One of the most popular in the genre is one that is called Digg. While it does not have the same clout as it once did, its name is still known and admired in tech circles. Also another web site that fits under this bill is Reddit. A few more that you may have heard about is Stumbleupon and others. Some people put Twitter and Facebook under this category as well but it really shouldn’t be so. The reason you go to Twitter or Facebook first is to see what other people are saying. The links are a secondary reason. With the others sites that we talked about earlier, the links are the star of the show.

So how can a site like this be dangerous?

The one thing about hackers, especially those of the black hat variety, is that they love links. They love the fact that they can use links to be able to trick their victims into taking them wherever the hacker wants to take them. So when you have a web site that whose entire purpose is all about the collection and sharing of web links from around the world then you know that there is a good chance that black hat hackers are going to try and attack it.

There have been some pretty advanced attacks tried using social bookmarking web sites. As a matter of fact, just recently, someone tried to make a botnet out of one of the more popular social bookmarking web sites around. While that type of attack is pretty interesting most of the time you just have to worry about the typical link attacks that you would see on any web site that allow links. The typical stuff includes actions like phishing and misdirection which are all pretty commonly found on web sites such as this. But most of the very popular web sites have very good moderation that gets rid of the links as soon as they are discovered. There is also another weapon that they have that is very effective as well. And that weapon is the community itself. The moderation system works so well because most of the people who visit the site take pride in it. They do not want it disturbed so they are active in keeping the vermin out.

If you are the type of person who thinks they might have use in a social bookmarking web site then go ahead and visit one. I am sure that you will enjoy yourself. But just be aware of the dark side of web sites of sites like this. As long as you aware of the very few dangers then you should be fine.

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