If You Send A Lot Of Text Messages Then You Have To Be Aware Of The Dangers Of The Hyperlink

Now that we see a lot of people using smartphones in their everyday life we tend to think that the number one thing that people do with their phone is use apps. Or we tend to think that most of the people use their phones to be able to play music while they are on the go. And hey, you would not be out of line of you had the silly notion that most of the people out there who have smartphones actually used their phones to be able to talk to people. But that is not the case. The most used application when it comes to both smartphones and regular phones these days is to be able to use it to text people.


That’s right; more people use their phones for the texting capabilities than anything else. And there are a couple of reasons for that. A lot of the people tend to think that it is easier to be able to text people than it is to try and call the person. And they also tend to think that it is easier to text another person than it is to be able to email that same person. When it comes to email you have to log into a service to get to the message. And there is unlimited amount space to how long the message can be. A lot of people out there like the fact that with a text message you are able to keep it short and to get the actual message itself all you have to do is pick up the phone and look.

But people tend to think that just because they are using the text portion of their phone and not the email portion that they do not have to worry about the dangers that come along with email. That is simply just not true. They know that with email they have to be careful when it comes to the links that they are clicking. They know that they cannot just download anything from anyone. There is no telling what type of malware is in the attachment that they are receiving so it is in their best interest to not even look at it. But when it comes to texting they tend to ignore all of that. They forget that the two are basically the same technology and that the bad guys know this. The bad guys realize that there are more people texting than anything else and they want to be able to attack these people.

Just like with email, the bad guys will send messages to phones and try to have people click on the links. Yes, with most phones out there it will allow you to click on a URL link from a text message. It will just open the browser that is on the phone and the malware will go right through. But it does not have to be malware that is attacking the phone for you to be in trouble. The bad guys will also set up fake websites to try and have you give them personal and dangerous information about yourself. Once you do that they then use that information to steal from you.

So as you can see, just because you are using text messaging and not email, you are not free and clear from the problems that email has. You still have to worry about rogue URL links and people trying phishing attacks on you. So this just goes to show that no matter what technology you are going to use you still always have to remember to be safe.

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