If You Own A Network Should You Ask To Have Your Own Personal Back Door Installed?

A computer network is a funny thing. It can be very small or very large but that will not have a total bearing on how complex it is. Type of job that the network was created for will be the determining factor to how complex it is. That is why maintaining a network of any size is no easy task. Not only do you have to worry about the security of the network but you also have to worry about the ease of use of the network as well.


That is why some people who create software for the network or who run the network itself will create back doors for themselves. They want to be able to get in and out without any problem at all. They consider the security doors to be for the rest of the employees and anyone else trying to access the network. That is why sometimes you will see the boss of the company or at least the head manager of that division ask for a backdoor into the network.

But to be honest, to have a back door inside of a network is a very serious thing and should usually only be handled by people who technically know what they are doing. If you are a boss and even if you feel as if you are pretty computer savvy, there are probably a lot of good reasons why you should not be given a back door to the system. Only people who might have to fix a problem should be given this type of power.

If you do feel as if you need to have a back door to the system then you should be given one but never use it unless there is an emergency. You have to understand, it must be kept in a very safe place. Because if it is not, then a person will log in as you and the people who are monitoring the systems will think nothing of it. They will think that it is the boss and they will not even attempt to stop them.

Just remember, having a back door in a system can be very hazardous. Just think about it if you really need one or not.

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