If You Outsource Your Web Projects Why Should You Make Sure That You Check The Code For Back Doors?

When you are creating a new web site or desktop application, a lot of the times you will reach out to a third party person to help you out with one of the aspects of the project.

A lot of the times that aspect will be the coding of the project.

The code is the bare bones of the project and it is something that must be done right.

So you try your best to get the best person for the job but sometimes they may be out of your price range.

So you go down the line until you get someone who is good but you can also afford.

When you try to save money like this it can sometimes come back to haunt you though.

A person that charges a low price on a project may do it for several reasons – they might live in a part of the world where the money that they are making off of your project is more than enough, or they might need that amount of money very quickly for something they have to get done.

But you also have to realize that they might have their own plans for your project as well.


Watch Out For Back Doors

Even though it seems like something out of a spy novel, it actually happens all of the time.

A person that is hired to write code for a project will put a back door into the code so that they can access it later.

This is something that you must really be on the lookout for when you hire an unknown contractor to work on your project.

This is especially true if they are from a poorer part of the world.

Coders can make a lot of money with a scheme such as this.

They can sell the back door that they created as an exploit and make a good amount of money off of it.

The bigger that your project gets when it is in the wild the more money they can make.

So when you get someone to create code for your project, you should always have someone else take a look at it.

You want to make sure that everything is legitimate so you should get another coder to do an audit of the code.

This should not cost that much and it will help keep your mind at ease.

A third party person looking at the code that someone else wrote will not only be able to tell you that there is a back door in the code, but they can also inform you on whether the code is good or not.

The code might be able to actually do what it advertises but it might be a slapped together hack that will have no chance of scaling when your company starts to grow.

Getting someone else to look at the code is more than worth it if you want to make sure that it was done right.

When you outsource anything, but especially code, you want to make sure that everything is fine.

If this is your first time working with the person, do not automatically trust them.

Have someone else double check their work so that you can make sure that you are not being swindled.

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