If You Have An eCommerce Web Site Then Your Customers Security Is Your Most Important Priority

If you are a person who enjoys owning your own business, or even if you just like making a little money on the side, the internet is one of the best things to happen to you. Thanks to the internet, in a few days you can have a fully functional web site that is able to take money from potential customers. Even better than that, the internet gives you access to a global customer list. No other technology is able to do that. But, as with anything else in life, there is a downside to ecommerce as well. Nothing is going to go exactly as planned and that includes an online business as well. When you start to make money on the internet you are going to do this not only by having a great ecommerce website design but also by having your web site become well known in your niche. This rise in popularity will not only get the attention of potential customers but it will also get the attention of bad guys as well. And when bad guys start to take notice of your web site, then you have a problem.


What can the bad guys do to my ecommerce web site?

When you are dealing with bad guys, otherwise known as black hat hackers, you are dealing with a breed of criminal that is smart. They will come up with many imaginative ways to be able to take down your web site. Most smart hackers are going to try their best to compromise your web site without you knowing that they are in there. They want to be able to have an influence on your customer base and if you know that they are there, you will be able to prevent that.

Some of the crimes that a black hat hacker will do include trying to access your database so that they can get the names, home address, and credit card numbers of some of your customers. Information like this is very valuable on the black market, especially if the people are American or from Europe. When your credit card is listed on a web site for purchasing then they know that the card is active and that the card has money on it. That information makes the card more valuable when they try to sell it as well. Another trick that an attacker might do is to load an active virus on your web site so that when people go to visit the site, their computer will be infected with a Trojan. This Trojan will deliver a package that will install a piece of malware on the user’s computer and infect them with a virus. This virus will be in the form of a keylogger that will start to gather all of the information that the person types in their computer. Once the keylogger has finished collecting all of the information at the end of the day, it will then send the data to another server. Once again that data is sold on the black market and the person who created the attack stands to make a profit.

As you see, having an ecommerce site can be a dangerous proposition if you are not careful. In the following paragraphs, I will show you what you can do to keep your web site safe from black hat hackers. These methods are not 100% effective and if a skilled hacker wants your data bad enough, there is a chance that he will get it no matter what you do. It just might take him months, or years, instead of days.

Stopping the bad guys from hacking your ecommerce site

The first thing that you have to remember before anything is that your store on the web is a web site first. And that means that it must follow the basic security measures of a web site. First of all, you or a programmer that you hire must be able to defend all of the form inputs on the site. Wherever a customer can input information on the web site needs to be sanitized by code. The customer should not be able to type whatever they want to in that section because this is the main source of web attacks. An intelligent black hat hacker would be able to manipulate that portion of the site for their own means.

Also you must make sure that only you and a few other people have the credentials necessary to get in the back end of the web site. The more people that have the credentials to get in the back end of your web site, the more likely a hacker will be able to find this information as well. If a black hat hacker can, they will choose the path of least resistance. This means that they will try to trick a person rather than finding a technical solution. So make sure that the people who do have the credentials are real careful with them.

An ecommerce site is a particular type of site that draws in the bad guys. Make sure that you are protected.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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