If You Can’t Run Your Car On Water Then How About Sex Instead?

Have you got a gas guzzling car?

Are you worried about rising fuel prices?

If so, then using your body to pay for gasoline may not be the answer.


Last month Angela Eversole, a 34 year old woman from Kentucky, was arrested by police officers who claim she was trading sex for gasoline.

Officers in the Fort Wright area set up a sting operation in an attempt to catch prostitutes.

Angela Eversole, 34, was one of the suspects that they arrested.

It is alleged that the Fort Wright woman engaged in sex in return for a $100 gasoline card as well as other gifts.

Eversole was promptly charged with prostitution, in addition to conducting business without an occupational license.

She pleaded not guilty at her arraignment.

A 50-year-old man, Kenneth Nowak, was also arrested in connection with the alleged act of prostitution.

With rising oil prices do you think people will really be tempted to sell their bodies in order to pay for the gas they need?

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  1. What was the final outcome of this case?

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