If You Are Serious About Security Use A Seperate Netbook For Critical Tasks

There are several types of people that use the Internet.

There are the casual browsers who go on the net once a day and then log off.

There are the active users.

These are people who may log on for a couple of hours at a time, and use the Internet for several different things.

They may use it to socialize, or watch movies, or to listen to music.

They are on the net for a long time but they do not do anything serious.

Then there are the serious users.

If You’re Not A Serious User Then Stop Reading Now

Serious users are people that use the Internet for both work and for play.

They have documents and web site logins that they must keep safe from malicious eyes.

Also they must be sure that their session is encrypted because they have important data flowing through.

It is for these people that I would suggest that they buy a separate netbook to keep secured.

The reason that you should get a netbook is that it will allow you to easily customize its configuration to make sure that your browsing experience is a safe one.

You can make all kinds of adjustments that normally would affect your computing experience.

On this netbook you could lock down all of the open ports except the one that you need open and also you can instruct the browser to be able to go to only a set amount of pages.

This will prevent you, or someone else, wandering to other web pages and picking up a virus.

All of these settings, on your normal set up, would be a real big pain to deal with.

You would have to turn it off and on while you surf the Internet, just so you could enjoy yourself.

With a separate netbook, there would be no need.

Lock Down Device

The netbook could be the lock down device for your secured information and the desktop could be for all of the fun stuff.

If anything happens to it, it would be nothing more than troublesome.

Netbooks are very cheap these days so this makes it economically feasible to do this.

Also, if you want to go that extra mile, you can use a Linux based netbook.

This will keep viruses that are targeted for the Windows Operating system from hurting the netbook itself.

Even though all operating systems have their vulnerable points, most virus writers target Windows since it is the most used operating system on the planet.

This makes it a very big target.

Using a Linux based netbook would keep you out of the fray.

If you decide that you need to be extra secured when it comes to your work information then you can use a netbook to take some extra precautions.

This will allow you to set up an extra secured machine while at the same time still able to have a normal computing experience on your main machine.

This is especially important, if you have kids that use the computer.

You can also set a secure computing experience for them.

You can make sure that you control their computing experience, while they may think that they have all of the freedom in the world.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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