If You Are Running A Business Blog Should You Get Your WordPress Installation Audited?

There are many content management systems (CMS) that are out there but there seems to be one that people go to time and time again. That system is called WordPress and it is the number one CMS because of several reasons. The first reason why it is the number one CMS is because it is so easy to use and set up. With the press of a few buttons, you have yourself a blog right out of the gate. Another reason why it is so popular is because of all the tools that are available for it. The WordPress software is free and open source so that causes a lot of people to build different types of tools for it. Some of these tools change how the Blog looks and some of them change how it acts. These tools are called Themes and Plugins. With all of these features put together it is easy to see why people love using the WordPress software.

If You Are Running A Business Blog Should You Get Your WordPress Installation Audited?

But there is also a dark side of the WordPress software. And that dark side usually comes from the same thing that makes WordPress so appealing to work with. The fact remains that with all of the extras coming from third party suppliers means that your system can be put at risk. Some of the risk is due to exploits purposefully put into these third party plugins and themes but most of the time it is due to faulty programming.

This is why there are plenty of companies and freelancers out there that will do an audit of your WordPress system. They will check the plugins and themes that you use to make sure that everything is safe. While some of the plugins have known holes and they will fix them in your system, other plugins that they have not heard of will take a bit more of an inspection. They will go line by line inside of the plugin to make sure that everything is safe.

If you are professional company that is thinking about running WordPress then you might want to think about an audit as well. WordPress is a great tool to use but no software is perfect.

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