If You Are New To Computer Security You Might Want To Start Your Career By Specialising In Mobile

There are two hot trends that are in the computer world right now. One of the hot trends is of course the ever growing mobile industry. While we have had mobile phones for a while now, they are now just becoming interesting enough where everyone feels that they have to have them. They have gone beyond being just phones and now they are just as important to people as their home computers are. To a lot of people their mobile phones have replaced their computers when it comes to a necessary computing device. And with phones only getting more powerful we are not going to see the end of this trend anytime soon. As a matter of fact before we see the end of this trend we might start to see people stop saying mobile phones and start calling them what they really are and that is mobile computing platforms.


The other trend that is exploding right now is the computer security industry. Yes, more than ever people are starting to see the need for their computing to be more secure. It does not matter if it is their work computer or their home computer all of the stories of people having their lives ruined by cyber crime has really gotten to people. And since no one wants to be a victim they are starting to change their computing habits and that includes being more aware of security. In the past you could not get anyone to take computer security seriously but now all of that is starting to change.

If you are a person who is just starting in the computer industry then it can be hard to know where to put your flag at. Are you going to concentrate on the technical side or the more social side of making sure that businesses are compliant? Do you want to be a reverse engineer or do you want to be someone who is protecting the network? There are all sorts of ways that you can go when you are first starting out in computer security. There are so many different sectors that it can be hard to see where you fit into. But if you are new to the computer security game then you might want to take a look at the two previous paragraphs and get an idea from there.

It is a lot easier to make your mark when there are very few people competing so you might want to try and start in mobile security. Just like we said earlier in the article, mobile phones are becoming mobile computing platforms and that means they are going to have the same problems that other computing platforms have. And that has already started. Black hat hackers from all over the globe are starting to target mobile phones. Since that is the computing that most of the people are doing these days that is where the bad guys want to be. And that is where we need more good guys at.

The mobile security space is just starting to open up and there is definitely a need for people to get in. The phones are only going to get more advanced so that means the sooner that people start to get in the less steep the learning curve is going to be.

So if you are new to the computer security game you should really take a look at mobile security. It is a fresh new field that is only now just starting to get hot.

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