If You Are Infected By A Piece Of Malware, Try Your Best To Remember Where It Came From

There are some people out there who use their computer just for fun. There are others out there who use their computer to be able to get work done. In fact there are a lot of different reasons why people use their computers. It is a good thing that they are such flexible machines. They are able to be of use for most of the people out there. But while everyone may use their computers differently than their neighbor, there is one thing that all of these people hate. And that is when their computer is infected with any type of malware.


When your computer becomes infected with malware it has the same sort of feeling as when the best party you have ever been to in your life is over. There is a moment of disbelief followed by that feeling that you cannot believe that this is happening to you. You can’t believe that someone took the time to create something that seems like it is going to destroy your computer. You go through the stages of being mad, and then you get sort of a depressed feeling. This is especially true after you have tried to get the malware off of your system for several hours and nothing that you have done has worked yet. You cannot get your antivirus working and you cannot do anything else to help you out of this predicament. In a lot of cases you cannot even connect to the internet.

But eventually you either get help or you find a solution online that will help you dig your way through it. When you first get infected the situation seems bleak but when you finally get your computer working there is no happier time in your life. Well that might be a slight exaggeration but it does feel really good. But while it feels good that you have finally got your computer working again, especially if you did not lose any data in the ordeal there are some things that you should remember for the next time it happens.

The first thing that you should remember if this ever happens again is that you should try to remember the website that you were on when it happened. If it is some website that you hardly ever visit then you want to try your best to avoid it if at all possible. If it is some website that you trust and you do go to all of the time then you want to find out what happened. You should report what happened to the owner of the site and see if there have been any other cases. A lot of the time the owner will not know that the website is infecting their users. You are doing them a favor by reporting what happened. The malware might not have even come from their site but one of the ads that are being displayed on the site. The ads on most websites come from third party servers and have been known to infect people if that server has been compromised.

Another thing that you want to do is start another instance of your browser session. Do not go to the same one. A lot of the modern day browsers on the market now will allow people to go back to the page they were on when it crashed. You do not want to do that if you have been infected. It could infect your computer all over again. So make sure that the session you go to is brand new.

Getting malware in your system really sucks. Just make sure that you keep your head so that you can be sure that you handle the situation the right way.

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