If I Lose Important Data Should I Try To Recover It Myself Or Employ An Expert Technician?

There are many ways in which you can lose the information stored on your PC, all of which can be quite devastating to you, irrespective of whether it is personal or business data.

Fortunately, however, retrieving said data may not be as difficult as it once was as there are now many types of data file recovery methods.


There are many reasons why you may have lost your data, such as –

  • Accidentally emptying your recycle bin when an important file was in it
  • Forgetting to backup important files before recycling your hard drive
  • Complete system failure
  • Hard drive crash
  • Corruption of data on other external drives or media
  • Losing a DVD, memory card, etc.

Many of us, myself included, have lost data in one or more of these ways.

Expert Help vs. Doing It Yourself

If that happens then the main choice you need to make is whether you try to recover it yourself or enlist the services of a professional.

It goes without saying that an expert technician is more likely to be able to recover your data but this will obviously cost you more than the diy alternative.

Your choice will probably be dictated by your budget but when data loss occurs, and the data is of high importance or monetary value, then you really ought to consider using an expert to solve your problem.

The advantages of using an expert technician to recover your data are that the success rate is likely to be much higher than if you undertook the task yourself.

On the flip side, the cost is likely to be high and you may well have to hand over your hardware for a few days or more whilst they work on retrieving the data for you.

Should you wish to tackle the problem yourself then you should try to do so in a calm manner – rushing in is only likely to lead to further mishaps.

Put in some research time so that you know the best way forward and check out reviews of data recovery software – there are cheap and even free solutions for Windows, Linux and the Mac which I will take a look at in the future – but you need to know that whatever you use is fit for the job before you invest time into it.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to recover lost data yourself, or employ an expert, will be dictated by how valuable the information is to you, how much time you have available and your ability (or otherwise)  to use specialised software.

Good luck!

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