If Hackers Attack Your Business Then You Can Be Held Legally Responsible

The next step for mostly anyone that has a brick and mortar store set up out in the real world is to create an online virtual space for their customers to shop in.

Of course anyone that is in business has heard of the great advantages that can be gained when you bring your store online.

You have access to a lot more customers in a global arena.

Plus the use of the latest and greatest software allows your transactions to be made easily without any problems.

All you have to do is to take the credit card, process it, and get ready to take the order, right?

will you be responsible when hackers attack?

will you be responsible when hackers attack?

Wrong, having your business online is a great way to make extra money but there are some considerations that are there that you can not take lightly.

One of those are the very serious security issues that can arise from taking someone’s credit card online.

If this is handled the wrong way you can be held legally responsible.

Right now there is a case going on between the financial institution Capital One and an electronic testing firm from Louisiana.

The name of the company is JM test systems and they had more than $97,000 stolen through the use of illegal bank transfers.

Capital One is stating that it is not their fault and they are not involved with the transaction beside letting it go through their systems.

How this case will pan out is anyone’s guess and will, undoubtedly, be expensive in either case.

Therefore, it pays to take sure security seriously.

When you are a company that takes a person’s credit card number, you must have the best security that you can possibly afford.

You have to be certain that the protection of the numbers is your number one priority and that you take it seriously.

If you are a small business the best thing that you can do is to allow a third party entity that is trusted to handle your credit card processing.

Look at the companies that get the best reviews and use them.

These people are professionals and handle security threats on a daily basis.

They will be able to handle the security of your customers personal data better than you can.

You have to make sure that when you decide to take orders online that you do not take this responsibility lightly.

People are entrusting their credit card numbers in your hands.

If you are the one that slips up by not providing enough security then you can be legally liable.

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  1. Yes a company can be held liable as well. It written with in the USC AKA United States Code which there for carries Federal Laws. If you allow any type of Reverse Engineering on a with your Network or Software yes you are held liable for it as well any another person and can serve up to 20 years in Federal Prison.


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