I Looked Out My Window And There It Was, Evidence Of Global Warming

I always thought global warming was a hoax.

I mean, come on, is the planet really getting warmer each year?

Today, though, I saw it with my own eyes, the glorious sunshine on what should have been a cold winter’s day –


A quick change of clothes was in order, I feel so much cooler in my shorts and t-shirt.

The weathermen said this was the coldest winter since records began in Britain.

They are clearly deluded –

MORE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They also said that we hadn’t had this much snow since those records began either.

Are they on drugs?

This here photographic evidence clearly proves otherwise –

YET MORE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am therefore, completely converted.

No longer will I believe that global warming is a hoax or conspiracy designed for hitting us with higher taxes or who knows what else.

It is quite obviously a genuine phenomenon that poses a very real threat to society.

I for one am glad though as I won’t be needing my heating on this winter 🙂

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  1. If you did any kind of research on this subject you would realise that global warming is going to make Britain colder, not warmer.

    The area where we get our weather from has melting ice caps, lowering the temperature and making us more prone to snow and less likely to experience higher temperatures.