Hundreds Of Web Sites Hacked As Malaysia – Philippines Cyber War Heats Up

Weeks after the conflict began in Sabah following occupation of the Malaysian state by supporters of Filipino Sultan Jamalul Kiram III and both real and cyber scuffles continue with no real sign of an ending any time soon.

Over the last few days it looks like several hundred web sites have been taken down with casualties on both sides of the net.


Yesterday the “Philippine Cyber Army” continued its own attacks, claiming to have targeted some 175 Malaysian owned sites including many with state connections. In return I’m hearing reports that some 150+ Philippine web sites have also been targeted over the same period.

“Take Some Action about Your Dogs in our Country. Bring Your Ship and Take Back Your Dogs, Stop Killing Malaysian Army & Police. Otherwise, We Will Attack Philippine Goverments Website. No Time To Make Some Joke, Terrorist are Terrorist.. Nothings Changed ! F*CK-OFF !”

Tensions may ease a little now though as it seems the international Anonymous body may have become involved –

“The official Facebook page of Anonymous Malaysia on Monday posted a graphic claiming that they have made “peace” with hackers from the Philippines and vowed not to push through with attacks.

“Let us help both The Philippines and Malaysia unite, not find a reason to fight,” the hackers said.

The decision to cease the cyberwars appeared to have been called by the international Anonymous body, urging both groups to “stop” those who have joined the “petty cyber-war.”

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