Human Rights Watch Has Twitter Account And Website Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

Members of the Syrian Electronic Army have targeted Human Rights Watch by hacking 3 of their Twitter accounts and defacing their website. Their motivation for the attacks is their belief that HRW have spread lies about what exactly is going on in Syria.


The Syrian Electronic Army, known to be supporters of Bashar ul Assad, the Syrian president, acted in retaliation to a story that Human Rights Watch published about Syria increasing their use of cluster munitions which have, of course, been banned –

“Syrian forces’ use of cluster munitions in residential areas is causing mounting civilian casualties, Human Rights Watch said today. An initial review of available information has identified at least 119 locations across Syria where at least 156 cluster bombs have been used in the past six months.”

Additionally, HackRead reports that 3 of HRW’s Twitter accounts were also targeted. These accounts are the official one –

– and also HRW Indonesian and the personal account of Hanan Salah, one of Human Rights Watch’s researchers –

At the time of writing the website and Twitter accounts have been restored to their previous state. How long they stay that way though is anyone’s guess.

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