Hulla Hoops Scams

I remember hearing Sawyer, from the TV series “Lost”, mentioning the hulla hoops scam in one episode so that is why I had to go find out what it was…

With increasing interest rates, many people quickly find themselves in financial difficulties, especially if they already are subject to a large number of hire-purchase or financing contracts.

A number of people often find themselves victims to vehicles or houses being repossessed.


Many people often will attempt to take other measures rather than losing their property or being blacklisted by financial institutions, such as attempting to sell the property and making a small profit, if possible.

More often than not these people might find that selling their property, especially vehicles, are not as easy.

Finding a buyer may proof to be futile.

It is in this battleground where many fraudsters flourish and target innocent victims with promises of a quick fix for their financial difficulties.

In the majority of instances it is this ‘quick fix’ offer that will end the victim up on the wrong side of the law.


Offenders of this scam generally advertise their services in newspapers, offering assistance to vehicle owners who are no longer in a position to afford their monthly instalments.

They often also offer vehicles to people who do not qualify for vehicle finance.

These offenders will offer a vehicle owner the opportunity of being introduced to a person willing to take over the vehicle instalment.

This will prevent the repossession of the vehicle and blacklisting of the owner by a financial institution.

The client will then enter into an agreement with the new person taking over the instalments and pay an administration fee to the offenders.

The person taking over the instalments will then be responsible for paying the instalments to the offenders, who will in turn be responsible for making payments to the bank.

When the monthly instalments are received by the offenders, they will never make the payments to the financial institutions.

This subsequently leads to the repossession of the vehicle and also criminal charges laid against the victim.


Always remember that, legally, you are not allowed to let another person take over your vehicle instalments.

Never pay any third party offering this service.

If you are in financial difficulties, it is unfortunately a fact that you would have to return the vehicle to the financing institution.

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