How Your Router Can Be The Weak Point In Your Security Layout

your router should be the first thing you secure

Due to the prevalence of the many home networks that are now in the wild, most people know what a router is.

They understand that it is the machine that splits up your Internet so that the entire household can access it.

What they might not know, is how important the router is to the security of their home network.


Router Complexities

Companies that create the router hardware have tried to make the software that controls the device easier to understand for the average user.

This is a good thing but they have not totally succeeded.

Router software is, for the most part, still complicated and this complexity can lead a person to not be as secured as they might otherwise be.

Even though a company might try to make the router configuration a simple process, when it comes to some of the security features, there is no getting around the complexity issue.

You can give them a base configuration that they can pick, but what happens if they have hardware that does not allow that certain standard?

They then have to go inside the router and manually configure the item.

Once they get inside, they see how difficult it can truly be.

So instead of dealing with all of the complexity, the user just turns the security features off.

Why not, now their device works and they can get Internet all over the house again.

This is not a failure on the part of the user, this is a failure that is due to the router manufacturer.

Easier Router Security Required

Router manufacturers must do a better job in making the manual selection of security selections easier.

Even for people that are used to dealing with software configurations, the settings for security in most routers can be a daunting task.

They start seeing the words and letters AES, WPA, Broadcast SSID, Encryption key and all of the sudden, something that seemed so simple can be intimidating.

These are just not terms that you see in everyday usage.

Every router manufacturer should have an Ajax based pop up in their web configuration, that explains to you in great detail, what everything does.

If you have to use simple terms, then so be it.

There should be no reason why someone would have to leave their configuration set up and look up a feature on Google.

If they have to go through anymore trouble than the basic process, they will just leave the network open and vulnerable.

If not understood by the consumer, the router can lead to a lot of security vulnerabilities.

Make sure that when you purchase a router from a company that they have easy to understand documentation.

Most of the time you can look at the documentation online before you purchase a product.

It is better to do that than leave yourself vulnerable.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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