How You Can Add An Extra Layer To Your Firefox Security With The No-Script Plugin

It just a fact that there are web browsers out there that are safer than the alternatives.

Firefox has lead the way in being one of the most secured browsers available for the past several years.

Microsoft has updated it’s offering with new versions of Internet Explorer, so that it too can be safer while you surf the Internet, but there are still pieces missing.

The new pieces make it more secured but still not as secured as Firefox.

One of the pieces missing is the unavailability of a plugin infrastructure.


Firefox Allows Plugins

With Firefox, they allow you to add extra pieces that you might need while you are surfing the web.

Extra tools, you might say.

While Internet Explorer’s latest version offers this to an extent, it is to a lesser degree.

One of the plugins that Firefox offers is called no-script.

It allows you to surf the internet and turn javascript and Flash on, only when you want to.

I will discuss this later in the article, and why this is a great thing for security purposes.

When you surf the internet, you will see a lot of interactivity with web sites.

You will see objects move or pop ups show up.

There are two ways that this happens with modern day technology.

The web site is either offering Flash or it is using javascript in a format called Ajax.

These technologies bring a lot of good things for people to use when they are browsing their favorite web site.

But they also bring in a lot of bad things as well.

Hackers have found that they can use the interactive natures of these technologies so that they can create havoc on your computer system.

They can make you download malicious files or a number of other things that can affect your computing experience.

There is one way to combat this 100% and that is to turn these technologies off.

But that is not an optimal solution.

If you turn it off completely, then you will miss a lot of what the web has to offer.

There is just too much to miss on the web, if you turn off these technologies.

Choosing The Middle Ground

So no-script allows you to have a middle ground.

It will allow you to select and choose in real time which site that you want to be able to run these technologies.

If it is a site that you trust, then you choose for that site to always allow you to run scripts on that page.

If it is a site that you are new to, then you can choose to allow no-script to give scripts access but only for that session.

And if you do not trust the site but still want to browse it, you can keep the scripts off completely.

This way, no one can use any of these programs to sneak something on your computer without you knowing about it.

No-script is a great way to surf the internet and makes Firefox a more secure browser than it already is.

If you want to make sure that you have a computing experience that is as safe as possible then use the combination of these two technologies together.

You can also check out my list of other security-related Firefox plugins.

You will not be disappointed.

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