How To Use The BitDefender Removal Tool To Rid Your System Of Bootkits

Are you concerned that your computer may be infected with a Bootkit? (note: thats bootkit not rootkit)

A bootkit, in very simple terms, is like a rootkit that has suped itself up with steroids. Bootkits are much better at avoiding detection that rootkits. They achieve this by loading themselves from the Master Boot Record (MBR), a process that allows them to bypass certain validation checks that occur prior to your operating system loading. This may allow them to avoid detection by your security software.

Fortunately, there is a new tool available from BitDefender which will allow you to quickly and easily check for bootkits on your system and deal with any that are discovered.

To get started with the BitDefender Bootkit Removal Tool surf over to their Malware City blog where you will find this and other useful tools.

BitDefender bootkit removal tool

On this page you will find links to two different versions of the bootkit removal tool – be sure to pick the one that matches your system.

download bootkit removal tool

Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the red banner that says Download File.

locate bootkit removal tool

Remember where you save the file to – it will typically be your Downloads folder – and navigate to that location on your hard drive.

To run the tool you will probably need to right click the application and Run As Administrator (double left clicking in Windows 7 gave an error for me).

BitDefender removal tool

This will run the BitDefender Bootkit Removal Tool, as seen in the image above. Simply click on the START SCAN button to get going. Such a scan should be extremely quick – probably taking less that a second to complete – and will hopefully finish with the screen looking identical to how you started, i.e. 0 files cleaned and 0 infected files.

If you get a different result then follow the instructions to remove any bootkit(s) that have been discovered.

If you don’t already have any security software installed on your system then now may be the time to get some in order to lessen the chances of picking up a bootkit in the future. BitDefender offer some excellent software themselves – BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012 and BitDefender Total Security 2012 being two good examples.

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