How To Track Your Computer’s Web Usage With The Chrome History Trends Extension

Are you worried about how much time you “waste” on certain web sites? Or are you concerned about what other family members are surfing on your computer?

If so, and you use Chrome, then History Trends may be the browser extension you are looking for.

Hidden Trends Chrome extension

All you need to do is click on the link I highlighted above to go to the appropriate page on the Chrome webstore. You’ll then see an image very much like the one above. In your instance the highlighted area will say ADD TO CHROME rather than already added. Click on that and then Accept and the History Trends extension will be added to your Chrome browser.

Now you can click on it’s icon which is in the top right of your browser:

open History Trends

Now you have access to all kinds of interesting data, such as a list of the most visited websites (I’ve hidden my data :-P):

using History Trends

More than that though, you can also find out when most of the web surfing on your computer takes place with a multitude of graphs which records days and months:

History Trends graphs

History Trends is a great extension for Chrome which you can use to monitor your own web activity and productivity. It could also be used to monitor what your family are doing on your computer; great if you have kids and are concerned about what sort of sites they may be visiting.

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