How To Tell If You Are An Identity Theft Victim?

The person best placed to discover if you have been an identity theft victim is yourself.

Both in the UK and the US, there is a company called Experian who can produce a copy of your credit report.

The fee in the UK is only £2 at the time of writing.


The report you receive from Experian is very detailed.

On it you will see a list of all the ourtanding debts and credit agreements you have, along with your payment status.

A long line of zeros indicates that you have made all your payments on time.

Any other numbers will be referring to late payments, defaults and non payments.

Obviously these should be looked at closely.

Any recorded defaults on the credit report may be an indicator of identity theft, unless you are already aware of why payments haven’t been made.

Another piece of information that is recorded on your credit report is searches.

This is where a financial institution has consulted your credit file with regard to a possible credit agreement with yourself.

Again, a search you are not aware of may be a red flag.

Should there be any unexpected activity on your credit report then this will almost certainly suggest some sort of criminal activity with identity theft being the most likely cause.

It is a good idea to check your credit report on a regular basis in order to ensure that it is as you believe it should be.

It goes without saying that you should request one immediately if you suspect your identity has been stolen.

Other factors besides your credit report can indicate that your personal details have been compromised.

For instance –

Not receiving mail, be it bills or any other sort. This may be because someone has redirected your mail to an alternative address.

Receiving confirmation for loans or credit cards you are unaware of applying for.

Failing a credit check or being declined for credit.

Receiving letters or phone calls demanding payment for goods or services you have never received.

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