How To Stop Data Loss At Your Job When You Are In Charge Of Security

In the immortal words of the movie Scarface “who do I trust, me that’s who”. In the world of computer security you have to have that same mentality to a lesser extent. It is your job to be able to protect the business from all types of cyber threats no matter if they are in some remote part of the world or they work in the next cubicle. A computer security leak is a computer security leak no matter which way you look at it. You need to be able to stop it from happening to your business and we will help point you in the right direction.

How To Stop Data Loss At Your job When You Are In Charge Of Security

Data Loss Prevention

What we are talking about here is Data Loss Prevention. We are moving more and more towards what they call an informational society. This means that while we still have plenty of blue collar jobs, informational jobs are being pushed more to the forefront. And when you are talking about a job like that, then you know that the most important commodity is the data that sits on the servers in your office.

In the world of Data Loss Prevention, the main offenders that you are looking at are the people who work with you. You want to be able to stop the crime before it happens. This is why the word prevention is part of the name. You do not want just anyone to be able to walk off with vital data that is in the servers so you have to set up a way to stop this. The first way you do this is by making sure that people at the job are only able to access the parts of the server that they need to.

A big part of data loss prevention is setting up parameters around the employees. You want to be able to monitor what is being put on their computers as well as what is being taken off. This might not sound like it follows polite etiquette when it comes to privacy but it in this day and age that doesn’t matter. You have to be able to protect the job even if that means aggressively monitoring an employee’s workstation. If you have the right software then they will not even know that you are monitoring their activities. You want to know what they put on their workstation because they have access to the rest of the computers on the network. An accidental or purposeful infection of the network can lead to millions in lost data.

As we said earlier a big part of this activity is limiting employees from accessing the entire network. If you are a secretary then there is no need for you to be able to access vital data that is on the network. But even if you are someone who works on the project there is no need for you to be able to access every part of the project. All employees should only be able to access the parts of the network that they need and no more. If there is no need for you to be in that part of the system then why are you there? Some employees feel like actions like this can cause a cloud of suspicion and non trust amongst them and management. But why take the chance? Computer security is tough so they should realize that stringent precautions need to be taken at all times.

Implementing proper Data Prevention Loss

If you want to be sure that your company is following proper procedure when it comes to Data Prevention Loss then check out the many software packages that are available. There are several solutions that will make sure that you have everything in place to be able to stop all the leaks that are inside of your company. The software will make sure that the network is properly mapped out and will also see that all of the right permissions are given. When you are dealing with software such as this, there should only be a few people who have access to it.

Data Loss Prevention solutions, or DLP, are very important when you are talking about the safety of your company. You want to be able to keep any trade secrets out of the hands of your competitor. One rogue employee and your life’s work is blown. So for you to be able to stop that kind of action properly you will need the right DLP solution. And since there are many to choose from your best bet is to read reviews and ask around to see which one people suggest. The right DLP solution will help put your computer security person at ease tonight.

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