How To Safely Use Your Social Media Websites When You Are On Your Mobile Phone

When you get a new smartphone there are going to be a lot of things that you want to do with it. It is only natural since there are a lot of things that you can do with the average smartphone. In the past when we had simple feature based phones there were only a few things that you can do. You could call the person that you wanted to talk to, you could send a text message to the person, and if you had a high power feature phone you would be able to run a few apps that were mediocre at best. But now almost everyone is able to afford a smartphone that will allow you to do things on your phone that you would normally have to do on your computer.


One of the main things that people like to do on their smartphones these days is use social media websites. Just in case you do not know what the term social media website means, we are talking about websites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Pinterest, and other sites that are just like that. Social media websites are very popular right now and that does not look to be changing anytime soon. So a lot of people want to be able to visit those social media websites with the use of their phones. And that makes sense because being able to visit those sites on your phone means that you will be able to log on whenever you want to.

But when you are using your phones to visit these social media websites you can let your guard down without meaning to. It is understandable since most of the time when you are using your mobile device you are on the go and you do not have the same time that you do when you visit these sites at home. But you need to try your best to prepare yourself against the bad guys when you are on your phone. So we are going to give you some advice that will be able to help you with that.

First of all do not just take pictures and post them online without looking at them first before you hit send. When people have their smartphones in their hand they like to use the camera feature in conjunction with the social media sites. A lot of people just worry about if they are nude in the picture or not. But there is more that you have to worry about when you are sending pictures over a social network. You have to worry about if you are giving any personal information away in the picture. Maybe you are sitting at the table and you have some bills laid out on the table. That is information that when looked at real closely can be used to harm you. Make sure that none of the data that is in the picture can be used against you later on down the road. It is not just nudity that you have to worry about when you take pictures, it is everything else the camera catches as well.

Second be aware of the data that you are texting on these social media websites. Do not give them any information about your job or your personal life at home. While information about your home life can be shared anywhere, when you are at work you might tend to give out more information because you are on your phone. Actually that can be anywhere you are on your phone.

There is a lot more that you can do to protect yourself when you visit a social media website while you are on your phone but right now we will just focus on the habits of the person and less on the tech. So if you follow these rules you will most likely be okay while you are using your phone.

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