How To Reduce Your Paranoia With Kaspersky Security Scan

Are you concerned that your current security program isn’t doing its job and is, in fact, missing things that it should be finding?

If so then you might want to utilise a free tool from Kaspersky that will give you a second opinion.

Kaspersky Security Scan – download here – is a 49 MB program that installs quickly and easily and can be used to scan for, but not fix, malware infections. It can also check for other types of vulnerabilities and security issues too.


Once installed all you need to do is double click on the application to get started. You’ll then see the screen above. Follow the arrow and click on one of the two icons beneath it to perform either a smart of full scan.


Once the scan is complete you’ll be presented with a summary as seen below.


If you want to examine any disclosed issued then tap on Click for a solution rather than the yellow banner at the top – the latter simply takes you to a sales page.


Here you can see any issues that may have been discovered (I don’t actually use Internet Explorer by the way).

You won’t be able to fix anything with this free tool but it will give you an idea of whether your existing security solution is doing its job. If it isn’t then you’ll know its time to get another security suite installed.

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