How To Recover Corrupt Files With Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software

Have you ever gone to use a file on your computer only to find that it has become corrupt? If so, you are probably one of many people who has found that it always seems to be the important stuff that gets cursed thus – work documents, important spreadsheets, family photos, etc.

Fortunately, though, a good proportion of corrupted files can be recovered if the damage isn’t too severe.

One such means of recovering corrupted data is a program called Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software. It isn’t free but it is effective at what it does. The program will scan your hard drive for corrupted files and bad sectors. It will also also allow you to recover files that had previously been deleted via its Deleted File Recovery option.

Read on to find out how you can recover corrupt data with this program.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software

The first thing you will need to do is visit the Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software site and download the software (there is a trial version available). After downloading you need to run the setup program which will put an icon on your desktop. Click on this to get started.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery getting started

When the program launches you will see the screen that I’ve included below. Choose the Search Drive option to look for recoverable files and data.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery first screen

Doing so leads to the next screen:

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery search drive

Before continuing you will need to click on the drive that you wish to scan which will lead to it being highlighted in blue, as seen below.

You will now want to choose which type of scan you are going to use. The recommended Quick Scan is definitely much quicker than the Deep Scan, though the latter may find more. Personally I’d go for the quicker scan first though as it took around half an hour to scan my relatively small 320 GB hard drive!

Once you have selected your drive and scan type you will be able to click on the Start Scan button.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery start scan

At this point in time you may want to make a cup of coffee, read a book or have a quick nap as the scan does take a while.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery scan in progress

When the scan does eventually finish you’ll be presented with the following screen:

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery recoverable files

Here you are presented with a list of all the files that can be recovered. If you click on one of the files then you can view it in the preview box.

When you are ready, click the tick box next to each and every file that you wish to recover. Once one or more boxes have been ticked you will be able to click on the Recover button found in the bottom right hand corner.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery preview and recovery

Now all you have to do is select where to save the recovered file to and then you are done.

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