How To Protect Your Desktop With WinLock Pro 10

If you are looking for a simple way to enhance your computer’s security when you are away from your desktop then this tool from winlockpro may be just what you are looking for.

With it you can lock your screen whenever you are away and no-one will be able to access your computer unless they enter the password that you created during the setup procedure.

To get started you can download the tool here.

Once the download has completed you will see a box as per the image below. Simply click on Run to begin the setup procedure.


This will take you into the WinLock Pro setup routine. Do as you’re told and click on the Next button to continue.


Once the setup has completed you will see the screen below. From here you can either learn more about the program by viewing the Read Me file or click on Run WinLock Pro to continue.


At this stage you will see the screen below which will give you a little information about how to use the program. Click on Next to continue to the next stage.


Now we get to the important stage. Here you will need to enter a password which you will later need to clear WinLock Pro every time you have it protecting your computer. Choose a lengthy and not-too-easy-to-guess password that you will be able to remember without writing it down. When you have done that, click Next.


At this stage you will see the main Win Lock screen and your computer is now protected with the password that you specified above.

You may just about be able yo make out a grey square in the bottom right corner of the image below. Clicking on this will take you into the settings (more on that later).

On this screen you will see your operating system listed (Windows 7 in my case), the date and time and a few icons. These icons are for controlling the volume, leaving a message overlayed on the screen and for indicating whether or not the PC currently has an internet connection.

In this mode you computer is protected by your password. To clear the screen in order to carry on working on your machine you need to double click on the screen, press Escape or press the Space Bar.


Performing any of those three actions will lead you to the screen below where you will be required to enter the password you set during the setup routine:


Once you have entered that password your desktop will return to normal and you can carry on using your computer.


As I mentioned earlier, there is a little grey box on the WinLock screen. Clicking on this will lead you to the settings menu, as seen above.

You can see here that you have many options that you can play around with, including the ability to change the background screen which is displayed when your computer is locked.

You can also change your profile picture (displayed when entering your password), allow the computer to be unlocked with a USB drive, and many other things too.

Overall, WinLock Pro 10 is a handy little tool for giving you a certain level of security. It won’t stop a determined attacker but I could see it being useful in an open office or home where multiple people have access to your PC.

You can download the program at

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