How To Know If You Have The Conficker Worm

have I been infected with the Conficker worm?

There is a new virus in town.

It is called the CF worm or the Conficker worm.

The specific target of this viral attack is the Windows OS.

If your computer is acting a little quirky lately you might want to find out if your PC has the CF worm.

Below are some basic examples of how to know if you have the Conficker worm on your computer.


Symptoms of the Conficker worm

Due to the unique nature of the Conficker worm, there are some very prominent symptoms that your computer will have if the CF virus is present.

Directory Lock-Out

If you find that you cannot access some directories on your computer, this might be a strong sign that you possibly have the Conficker worm on your PC.

This symptom is especially prominent if you are the computer’s administrator.

Unscheduled Tasks Performed

If your computer starts resetting restore points or account lock-out policies are resetting automatically, then this can be a sign that your PC has been infected.

Windows Services Disabled

Certain Windows services such as Windows Defender, Automatic update, error reporting and the Domain Name System have been disabled without your request.

This is a very strong sign that the Windows OS has been compromised.

Denied Access to Anti-virus Software Sites

If you are trying to access Websites that provide Internet security software and either cannot gain access or the load time is extremely long, this may be another indicator that the Conficker Worm is present in your computer.

When in Doubt…

How to know if you have the Conficker worm basically comes down to common sense.

If you are experiencing any of the above listed symptoms, it is advisable to seek out software, either from Microsoft or a third party, to scan and remove the Conficker worm.

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