How To Keep Prying Eyes Off Your Files With Wise Folder Hider

Do you share the computer in your house? If so, you may have files or folders that you wish to hide from the other people who use the machine. Thats where Wise Folder Hider comes in.

This small program is free and can be used to hide any item on your local hard drive as well as anything stored on any attached USB devices. The program is very easy to use as I demonstrate below:


After downloading the program simply double click on the file to get going.


You will likely see a prompt as above from where you will need to select RUN.


This will initiate the setup program which is easy to understand. Simply click through the Next> button until you get to the point where you are asked to enter a password.


It is vitally important that you remember this password as any files or folders that you hide will only be accessible in the future if you log into the program again with the same details.


Choose a decent password that is both strong and memorable and then click on the OK button in order to continue.


Now search your computer for a file or folder that you wish to hide. In this instance you will notice above that I have selected a simple Word file for the purpose of this quick demonstration.


Left click on the file of your choice and drag and drop it into Wise Folder Hider. It will now appear inside the program as seen in the image above. Here you can see that it’s status is set to hidden. Just to the right of that is the Operation menu. This drop down menu gives you the option of opening the file or ‘unhiding’ it.


Once you have hidden your first file navigate back to where you found it on your computer. Double click on it and the dialogue box above should appear, showing that the file cannot be found. Of course you can still access it by using the Operation command in the program as I mentioned above.

Naturally, you can now go back and hide as many more files and folders that you wish. You also have the option of password protecting selected files or folders so that the average computer user cannot access them even when they are not hidden.

For a home computer where you just wish to protect data from non-computer expert family members this offers a pretty good solution. Try it yourself by heading over to

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