How To Get Control Of Pesky LSO Cookies With The Better Privacy Plugin For Firefox

Better Privacy is a plugin which you can add to your Firefox browser. It can help you to manage and delete Flash or LSO (Local Shared Object) cookies which can otherwise be tricky or impossible to remove.

[box type=”note”]You can download Better Privacy from[/box]

Better Privacy plugin

When you visit the page I linked to you’ll see a screen that looks much like the image above. Here you need to click on the green + Add to Firefox button.

install Better Privacy

You’ll then see the above prompt. You need to click on the Install button here but will have to wait for the 5 second countdown timer to finish first. Better Privacy will now be installed in your Firefox browser.

If you close Firefox at this point then you can quickly find out how many LSO cookies are currently recorded:

Better Privacy LSO removal

As the dialogue box says, you can click OK to get rid of all LSO cookies immediately or Cancel to keep them (you can delete them individually as I’ll show you shortly).

You can also tick a check box which will then mean that any LSO cookies you acquire in the future will be deleted as and when you exit Firefox.

using Better Privacy

To access Better Privacy you need to click on Tools and then select BetterPrivacy from the drop down menu.

From here you get two different option that you can use – LSO Manager and Options & Help.

LSO manager

Within the LSO Manager tab you can see a list of all LSO cookies currently on your system and can delete them individually – I’ve hidden mine to protect my son from embarrasment – the LSOs listed show he has been on my computer and has been on some sites he shouldn’t have!!

Deleting LSOs individually may be a better option than deleting all of them blindly as a minority may actually be of use to you (games typically).

LSO options

The Options & Help tab, seen above, is fairly self explanatory and gives you control over how the plugin deals with Flash cookies. You have several options here that you can either select or deselect depending upon your own personal preferences.

I would recommend Better Privacy to anyone who is concerned about LSO cookies. It is simple to use and can be set up once and then pretty well forgotten about. It is not the only solution but it works well and is quick to set up. Get the Better Privacy plugin for Firefox now.

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