How To Get A 2nd Virus Scan Without Removing Your Existing Antivirus Program

If you don’t already have an internet security suite, or at the very least, an antivirus program installed then go remedy that situation NOW – you shouldn’t be on the net without one!

If money is tight and you need a basic and free means of protecting your computer then you can take advantage of the many free programs that are always available – I’ve written about a few here – so go and get yourself protected and then come back…

Now that you have protection you should make sure that you always use it, either by conducting regular manual scans or by scheduling the same on a frequent basis. This should could keep your computer free of viruses and other nasties but what can you do if you think you have still been infected? The answer is to get a second opinion.

The Sophos Virus Removal Tool


Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may feel that your PC has picked up some type of infection so you naturally run a scan of your entire system. But the results indicate that nothing is amiss. So what can you do?

It is in situations like these where you can employ the services of another scanning device. You know not to install two antivirus programs at the same time so how can you accomplish this task? By using a tool that doesn’t use real-time protection such as the free virus removal tool from Sophos.


You simply need to download the file, run the setup utility and then run the program.

Once up and running, click on the Start Scanning button and then go and make yourself a coffee or thirty (as good as this tool is, it takes a loooooooooooooong time to scan your entire computer).


After about 40 years a fair amount of time the tool will report back as to how many issues, if any, it discovered. If there are any viruses to remove it will detail what they are and then you can click on the Start clean-up button to get rid of them.

Overall I thought this was a pretty effective tool and it is obviously free which is always good. Its well worth remembering if you want the peace of mind which comes with performing a second scan though you’d be well advised not to run it at a time when you may want to use your computer for other things!

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  1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware works as well right ? =D

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