How To Erase Your Internet And Computer History With Anti Tracks Free

Do you need to cover your tracks as you use your computer and move around the web?

“With Anti Tracks Free Edition installed on your computer, you can permanently erase ALL web browser, Windows, and third-party application usage history, including the revealing tracks of hidden data, without any chance of recovery even with today’s most sophisticated computer recovery tools.”


Anti Tracks Free (the paid version only adds support options) will give you a large set of tools and options with which to protect and hide what you get up to on your computer.

As part of the setup of the program you are taken through a few different screens where you can configure the program just the way you want it.


As far as your browser is concerned you can easily get rid of your history, delete your cache or cookies and clear form data.


Under the Windows setting you can control everything you see in the screenshot above which is quite a comprehensive list of tracks to cover.


There is even the ability to erase Office items too.


The biggest list of options to play with, for me, was the list of plugins which was extensive to say the least. Again you can check off which ones you wish to erase.

Sure, all the above is easily done without this program, but its all here in one easy to use package and serves as a reminder of what areas to look at in the first place, should you be the sort of person who needs to do such things!


Once you are through all that you get to the main interface of the program proper.

Here you have access to the Track Eraser which allows you to delete traces of where you have been via your browsers, Windows and third party apps.

Disk Cleaner allows you securely wipe a hard drive, get rid of junk, get rid of duplicate files and get rid of empty and redundant folders.

Data Concealing allows you to to do cool things like hiding a file within a picture and save your passwords within an encrypted wallet.

Spam Eliminator allows you to create disposable email addresses which die at a later date; ideal for sites you don’t trust with your main email address.

Tools allows you to analyse the space on your hard drive, set backups and manage what runs when your computer starts.

And, lastly, my favourite –


Track Concealing gives access to the Panic Button – a hotkey that you define – which, with a press, will instantly hide everything you are watching, reading, typing or listening to in an instant all whilst leaving no trace whatsoever.

Try it for yourself – Anti Tracks Free.

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