How To Encrypt And Decrypt Text And Files With The Crypter Plugin For Chrome

Crypter is a plugin for the increasingly popular Chrome browser. It can be used to cipher text and files with AES-256 within your browser and so bypasses the need to upload any data to a server. Not storing data on a server removes the risk of said server being compromised and the fact that encryption takes place within the browser by using Javascript makes a man in the middle attack nigh on impossible too.

To get started you will need to go to the Chrome web store and find the Crypter plugin.

Crypter for Chrome

To proceed you will need to sign into your Google account by clicking on the SIGN IN TO ADD button, shown highlighted above.

Add To Chrome

Once signed in, you will then see the ADD TO CHROME button as per the image above. Click on that and the plugin will be installed into your Chrome browser.


To use Crypter you must first choose a password. You can either type this in directly or use the on-screen keyboard. Next, choose whether to encrypt text or a file. In this example I went for text which you can see typed in the screenshot above.

Lastly, click on the Encrypt button and see the result in the lower window as above.

You can now, for instance, send this encrypted form of the text to your business partner via email. He can then load up his version of Crypter and type in the same password (which only the two of you know) and type in the encrypted string:


When he clicks on the Decrypt button he will then be able to read the original message in it’s unencrypted form.

I think this is a handy tool from Lazar Laszlo and the only real drawback is that the text or file you can encrypt is limited to a few megabytes in size. However, for many uses, that should be quite adequate.

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