How To Discover If You Are Breaking UK Law With Your Online Activity

The internet can truly be a minefield at times and many people can unwittingly break UK law by performing actions which they may think are perfectly legal. This is particularly true with regard to the recent spate of super injunctions (“famous premier league footballer” et al) and the area of copyright infringement, an area that is likely to become even more contentious in the future due to the United States’ SOPA and PIPA acts.

So, before you post anything online, be it on your blog, Twitter stream, Facebook account or anywhere else, it would pay to test your knowledge of UK law with regard to the internet.

accidental outlaw

UK domain registrar Nominet have created a handy questionnaire which will test your knowledge of the law by taking you through several different scenarios. When I took the test I scored rather well but did still make a couple of minor slip-ups. How will you fare?

Take the questionnaire here but please do remember it is based on UK law and the recommended answers may differ to what isĀ permissibleĀ in your legal jurisdiction if you live anywhere else in the world.

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