How To Discover How Secure Your Password Is [Tool]

So, you are savvy enough to choose a different password for every online account you have. Well done.

But how do you know if those unique passwords are good ones?

As the ladies keep telling me, its all about the quality and not just quantity so making it long isn’t everything – it needs to be hard for a computer to guess too. Thats where comes in.


As soon as you visit the site you’ll have the opportunity to enter a password into the box in order to get some feedback on how secure it is.

I thought it would be interesting to see how a couple of the, sadly, most commonly used passwords would fare.

In the first instance I tried 1234


As you can see, that password really sucks and can be cracked almost instantly. The site also offers a few suggestions as to why – its short, consists merely of numbers, has no variety to it and is, unbelievably, in the list of top 10 passwords that people use.

So, with that in mind, lets see if something slightly longer is more secure. How does password itself fare –


Just as badly by the looks of it – this too is a commonly used password, lacks variety and is a dictionary word.

I guess something a little more complex is required. How about h@rd3r2cr@ck?


This password choice, which could still be improved upon, is very much better for a variety of reasons – its longer and includes letters, numbers and symbols. As you can see, it would take a desktop PC a couple of thousand years to crack it.

So, if you want an idea of how secure your next password choice is, try it out on

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